Information for our guests

The Schönau Living property at a glance


Building information

Address: Schönaustrasse 31 – 35, 4057 Basel

On Wednesday, December 13, we installed the new signs with the QR code in all apartments.

We are now gradually adding important information and links to this exclusively accessible webpage.


Waste disposal

  • Every THURSDAY
  • Please put your garbage in the container in the garbage room at number 35 in good time.

Practical tips and rules for our valued guests

Ahoy, travelers, explorers and temporary residents of BASELLODGING! To make sure everyone feels comfortable, here is a list of practical tips and important rules. Remember: it's all about creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.
1. The Witching Hour - 10 pm to 7 am:

The magic time for sleep is between 10 pm and 7 am. So, unless you’re an owl, let’s keep the noise levels down. Trust us, even the night owls need their beauty sleep!

2. Broken Things and Whoops Moments:

If you accidentally discover something in your apartment is in pieces, or if you played Jenga with a lampshade, please report it to us. No judgment, we’ve all been there.

3. Lost Your Keys?

Don’t worry: just let us know immediately for safety’s sake.

4. Rearranging the Furniture:

If you fancy yourself a Feng Shui master and want to rearrange the furniture, please check with us first.

5. A Toasty Apartment:

If you’re the type who enjoys a warm and toasty apartment, keep in mind that our heating system is not known for its sprinting abilities. So, please don’t set the thermostat above the level 4 and give it some time. And remember, even during winter, a little fresh air for 5 minutes twice a day can save your walls from becoming modern art pieces featuring mold.

6. Chillin' in Summer:

The bad news: Switzerland is a bit stingy with air conditioning licenses for residential buildings. But here’s the good news: you can keep things cool by opening your windows in the morning and closing them during the day. Oh, and keep those blinds down to keep Mr. Sun at bay. Each apartment also boasts a trusty mobile fan, your summer savior!

7. Cleaning and Linen Exchange:

Our housekeeping team loves making your space shine, and one cleaning per month is already included. If you’d like more frequent cleaning or a change of linens, just give us send us an email. They have a key to your flat.

8. Laundry Room Fun:

Laundry day can be a blast! Feel free to enjoy it 24/7. Please download the We Wash app so that you can reserve your time slot for washing or drying. The washing costs are also billed via the app. Please also follow the laundry room guidelines, and remember to empty all pockets, use regular detergent, and clean those filters. Oh, and the detergent doesn’t belong in the laundry room.

9. The Wonderful World of Waste:

First and foremost, don’t litter our charming streets – take your rubbish to the rubbish room in house number 35. We’ve got “Bebbisagg” bags (the sacred blue bags) for you, and the first one is on the house. After that, you can grab them at any supermarket.

Now, the real science – there are different bins in the waste room! Two for “Bebbisagg,” one for paper, and one for cardboard. Please don’t mix them up; our folks might have to perform some waste forensics. Our trusty cameras are always watching!

10. Bicycle Storage:

Cool bikes can make people envious. Store your bike in the designated bicycle rooms (houses 31 and 35). Lock ’em up, keep the front doors closed, and remember that elevators aren’t made for bike joyrides. We are not liable for thefts of bicycles.

11. Co-Working Space:

On the ground floor of number 35 there is a spacious co-working space with 6 workstations as well as a lounge and garden seating area. Access is via the street with a PIN code. The code is changed regularly and can be viewed via the QR code next to your flat door.

Please leave the co-working space clean and tidy. You may bring your own coffee capsules.

12. Farewell, But Not Goodbye:

If you ever decide to leave us (and we’ll miss you dearly), here’s a quick checklist: –

  • Leave the cloakroom hangers with us. We cherish them all!
  • Empty the fridge and freezer, please.
  • Give the waste room one last visit (paper, cardboard, and waste in the famous “Bebbisagg”).

We look forward to having you with us and our hardworking housekeeping team will endeavor to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

We hope you have a fantastic stay at BASELLODGING!

Please send all e-mails to

Best wishes from all of us!